Shadow of Loot Box (Xbox) Review


When you load up the game and start your adventure through this title, it is quite an unconventional start with no abilities other than being able to walk. With every experience node you pick up within the first level you will be able to purchase additional abilities; i.e. running, jumping, opening doors, using switches etc.

This sounds more interesting than it actually is though. You drag yourself around the first level, solving simple puzzles to acquire the needed XP to level your character up and progress to the next challenge.

The title has without a doubt been made to mock the issues in other games, such as fake DRM errors, half-built levels, very lazy NPC quests, pretend ad’s to earn currency and of course, loot boxes. However, the fact it has been made to mock these flaws in other games does not mean the title itself should fall short with its own gameplay.

The aim of the weaponry in the game is extremely poor with multiple shots fired and few shots hit (from a distance). The retro-style graphics hold nothing to shout about, the continued mocking of different titles flaws gets tiresome fast (making for an unenjoyable playthrough) and the entire experience is dry.

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The game’s only saving grace is that it is a relatively short 1k Gamerscore / Platinum Trophy – as this has recently become the trend with Ratalaika games. There are some Easter eggs in the game which are pleasantly added (such as the green ‘Mario’ pipe which leads to a bonus section of the level and the leap of faith from Assassin’s Creed) – and the use of varying gameplay mechanics (such as survival, action, puzzle, platformer etc.) kept me from being completely unsatisfied with this title.

To sum up, this is a very poor game; as a somewhat lingering bad taste in your mouth. It would be generous to offer this game more than a couple of hours of your gaming time. Its mockery of flaws gets boring fast, and the gameplay itself is not enough to make up for this. However, if you are an Achievement / Trophy hunter you will no doubt find solace in the quick completion – and then find yourself uninstalling the game just as fast. In my opinion, this title would receive no more than a 3/10 rating.

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